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Put into an orphanage as a toddler and then classified as mentally challenged at age eight, Graeme Duncan nevertheless learned how to overcome his difficulties, enrich his life, and turn it into an adventure.

 As a young adult he toured European cathedrals, Buddhist monasteries in the Far East, and lived as a monk and instructor at ashrams in India. Graeme went on to establish several flourishing businesses, and today, as a corporate consultant, leadership coach, and yoga practioner, he teaches people how to transform their lives.

In Sattva the author takes you on a systematic journey showing you how to dramatically improve the quality of your life through balancing and empowering the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being. Having spent most of his life searching for pearls of wisdom and universal truths, Graeme explains the seven universal principles of sattva that he and countless people throughout the ages have followed to attain success and mastery.

Offering valuable tools to help you achieve a powerful focus of consciousness, this resource and guide will teach you how to remove all the impediments that obstruct happiness and prevent success.


A successfully harvested crop of Eastern and Western wisdom . . . I urge readers to take the journey, to live a life filled with the clarity of sattva, . . . to reach those things and find those things of which you had previously only dreamed . . .

—From the Foreword by Graham M. Schweig,
Ph.D., author of Dance of Divine Love






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