Reviews of The Forbidden Archeologist

Reviewed by: Nexus Magazine

The Columbo of Archaeology, Michael Cremo: Blockbuster Book

"The ancient wisdom traditions tell us that mankind has existed on Earth for many millions of years, says researcher Michael A. Cremo (Forbidden Archeology, 5/06; Human Devolution, (11/01). Since 2001, Cremo has been writing a regular column for Atlantis Rising magazine, and The Forbidden Archeologist is a compilation of these columns through into 2009.

"Cremo discusses the evidence for extreme human antiquity as well as his experiences in presenting his findings at international scientific meetings and at alternative science and new age conferences. He also examines the "filtration process" that keeps knowledge that conflicts with the mainstream version of human history out of the picture.

"Further, he adds to his theory of human devolution: that as beings consisting of matter, mind and consciousness, we "devolved" or came down from pure consciousness. Having a particular interest in the Vedic traditions, Cremo dispels the myth that archaeology was introduced to India by 16th-century European travelers; instead, it's a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

"He cites the example of the sunken city found in the Gulf of Cambay, northwestern India. It could be at least 9,500 years old and may revolutionize our knowledge of Indian history in line with the ancient Puranas. It's a troublesome notion for European scholars who insist that Aryan migration into India commenced around 3,500 years ago. Cremo's groundbreaking research ensures a compelling read."

Reviewed by: Kim Greenhouse

Communications Steward & Counsel, Broadcast Host, Producer & Book Goddess — It's Rainmaking Time!

"The Forbidden Archaeologist is so important in educating the public about the multifaceted discoveries in archaeology that have been systematically suppressed from leading archaeologists and academicians and kept away from the public at large for over 100 years.

"Michael Cremo is a grounded professional who, like a pit bull with great manners, lays out case after case of mind-blowing information about our existence from a forensic standpoint. He dots every i and crosses every t. He just keeps citing example after example of how and why the theory of evolution regarding the age of humanity is millions of years off the mark.

"This book should be required reading in new schools who are dedicated to true discovery that have a profound love of learning. Parents who are courageous should order the book and empower your children to learn about our real history and allow your children to learn from forensic evidence that Michael Cremo writes about. It will change your entire understanding of history, science and cosmology. Get ready for a profound set of new insights about who we are and how long we have actually been on earth."