Reviews of Mahabharata

Reviewed by: India-West, USA

“Dharma’s version of the Mahabharata is valuable because although it has been abridged into a more easily readable format, none of the essential details have been lost…[It] is perfect for those seeking an introduction to the great epic, and also for those wishing to get reacquainted with this sacred text.”

Reviewed by: India Currents, USA

“…A definitive English edition…retold in such an enthralling manner that one can hardly put it down. Krishna Dharma has rendered Mahabharata in a captivating style, delivering all the excitement of a modern suspense novel…A highly recommended read for spiritual inspiration, enrichment, or just plain great entertainment.”

Reviewed by: Rachel Styer

Magical Blend, USA

"When I dove into the Mahabharata I expected something along the lines of a dry Arabian Knights, but what I got was something else! Once I began to read, I just could not tear my mind away from the book. Even as I write this, my mind lingers on the glorious spiritual Indian mythology captured on its pages. If you are looking for a cross between Arthurian legends and cultural epic spiked with romance, and overarching spiritual guidance, Mahabharata is for you. Aside from the wonderful magical tales, the novel is an ancient authority on karma, reincarnation, and yoga."

Reviewed by: Joseph Ray

Atlantis Rising, USA

“As we enter the third millennium, the Mahabharata is an intriguing, useful, and formidable companion. Its truths are unassailable, its relevance beyond dispute, and its timelessness absolute.”

Reviewed by: James Meek

The Guardian, UK

“With its intense love scenes, jeweled palaces, vast battles, superheroes, magical weapons, and warring families, this novelized version resembles a 20th century saga-cum-soap opera, a marriage of Barbara Taylor Bradford and Arthur Hailey.”

Reviewed by: Mahesh Nair

India Today, INDIA

“Rarely, if ever, has an ancient epic received such modern blockbuster treatment…The narrative moves effortlessly, often as racily as a thriller, without compromising the elevated style and diction. The visual imagery is every bit as impressive as anything achieved in the cinematic editions.”

Reviewed by: James F. DeRoche

Library Journal, USA

“Dharma’s Mahabharata is very readable, its tone elevated without being ponderous. Though condensed, it still runs to more than 900 pages and would interest all serious students of Hinduism. Recommended for academic libraries and public libraries with collections on religion.”

Reviewed by: The Midwest Book Review, USA

Praise for Krishna Dharma’s Mahabharata:

“Dharma successfully captures the mood and majesty of a rich and ancient epic, and in the process, does full justice to the critical elements of the complex story…. A well-wrought saga that will be appreciated by Western readers and admirably serve to introduce a new generation to the rich spiritual, cultural, and historic legacy of India. Highly recommended.”