Reviews of The Key to Great Leadership

Reviewed by: Tom Bolman

Peter’s review of effective leaders is appropriate both in theme and substance. He strikes a responsive chord with everyone.
— Tom Bolman, Executive Director, International Association of

Reviewed by: Isadore Sharp

Creating a high-performance, self-disciplined, service-oriented workforce is now the make-or-break function of business leadership, and in his book Peter Burwash, having made his own company a leader by rigorously practicing what he preaches, tells us clearly and concisely how it’s done.
— Isadore Sharp, Founder and Chairman of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Reviewed by: Bruce Karatz

Short, fast-paced and very helpful in comparing our management characteristics.
— Bruce Karatz, Chairman and CEO, Kaufman Broad

Reviewed by: Robert Galvin

Drawing on his leadership experience, the author spotlights and enlivens the spectrum of factors that make for better leadership.
— Robert Galvin, Sr., Chairman of the Executive Committee, Motorola

Reviewed by: Fred S. Olmstead

You have hit the nail on the head with your insights on service…an outstanding book.
— Fred S. Olmstead, Federal Express Corporation

Reviewed by: Lawrence M. Johnson

The Key to Great Leadership is one of the most practical and commonsensical approaches to quality service that I have had the pleasure to read.
— Lawrence M. Johnson, former Chairman and CEO
Bancorp Hawaii, Inc. and Bank of Hawaii

Reviewed by: Peter Ueberroth

If something is not going right, The Key will impact your thinking on all elements of leadership. Its reminders are the ingredients of leading.
— Peter Ueberroth, Time magazine’s Man of the Year

Reviewed by: Ron Allen

Peter Burwash has it right. Total commitment to high value customer service creates long-term success.
— Ron Allen, former Chairman Delta Airlines

Reviewed by: Horst Schulze

Great book.
— Horst Schulze, Founder & President of Capella Hotels & Resorts

Reviewed by: Wolf Hengst

The Key To Great Leadership is a practical, meaningful and powerful insight in helping to remind today’s leaders, owners, managers and employees to continue to strive for outstanding service and effective leadership in both their professional and personal lives—simply superb!
— Wolf Hengst, President, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Reviewed by: Dr. Steven Covey

Inspirational and compelling bite-size quotes illustrated by motivational stories on two key competitive advantages of the future—service and leadership.
— Dr. Steven Covey, Chairman of
Covey Leadership Center and author of
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People