Reviews of Total Health

Reviewed by: John Douillard

The Total Health message should appear on the label of everything we eat and drink! It is an eye-opening must read.

- John Douillard, D.C.Author, Mind Body and Sport
Owner, LifeSpa, Rejuvenation through Ayur-Veda

Reviewed by: Agatha M. Thrash

Peter Burwash’s intense effort to improve health and increase the enjoyment of life of people all over the world has been expressed now in this new book. He writes in such a personal way that you feel almost as if you are getting a letter directly from Peter. Not only does he cover the scientific matter well, but he inspires you to dive in—the water is perfect. Reading Total Health is like a visit to the doctor and attendance at an enjoyable seminar covering a large field of health—mental, physical, and emotional.

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.Preventative Medicine

Reviewed by: Kathy Hoshijo

In sound bites, Peter dishes out information everyone striving to attain and maintain total health should know. He is tireless in his quest to bring everyone to a higher quality of life.

Kathy Hoshijo, Nutritional Consultant, Author, Kathy Cooks Naturally

Reviewed by: Paul F. Wenner

Total Health inspires and empowers the reader. Every compact morsel of information compels positive life change. Peter’s words practically leap off the page. His book is a perfect choice for those who want to keep their health and life in balance.

Paul F. Wenner, Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Inventor of the Gardenburger¨, Wholesome and Hearty Foods, Inc.

Author of GardenCuisine, Heal Yourself and the Planet through Lowfat, Meatless Eating

Reviewed by: Howard F. Lyman

Peter again serves an ace with Total Health. He has been a role model for me for years, and this book exceeds even my lofty expectations. No one can fail to benefit from time spent with Peter Burwash’s approach to life and Total Health is Peter.

Howard F. Lyman, J.D.President, International Vegetarian Union
Howard F. Lyman, a fourth-generation rancher,
winner of the Peace Abby Award, has learned that no animal needs to die for him to live.

Reviewed by: Neal D. Barnard

Total Health is a compelling guide to the importance of diet changes in health, along with practical advice for putting science to work for better health. Peter Burwash knows the science of nutrition, and blends his own perspective as one who has made his own journey and is able to share his wisdom.

Neal D. Barnard, M.D.President PCRM 
(Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

Reviewed by: Michael A. Klaper

If anyone is qualified to write a book on total health, it is Peter Burwash—athlete, philosopher, lover of life, and one of the healthiest people I’ve ever met. In these pages, Mr. Burwash presents a collection of “life lessons,” ranging from nutrition to ecologically balanced living, with the wisdom and compassion of a teacher who’s “been there.” This sage guidance on achieving total health is a gift for your body, for your spirit, and for the health of the entire planet.

Michael A. Klaper, M.D.
Director Institute of Nutrition, Education and Research
Author Vegan Nutrition, Pure & Simple

Reviewed by: Peter G. Hanson

Peter Burwash serves up another ace. Once again Peter demonstrates his ability to simplify the complex, while others complicate the simple. Just as he has done for the world of tennis, Peter brings his clarity of vision into the field of diet and exercise. A must read for anybody who is under stress.

Peter G. Hanson, M.D.Author of The Joy of Stress

Reviewed by: Ingrid E. Newkirk

Peter Burwash really hits the nail on the head: What we eat is the single largest influence on our bodies! Total Health opens the curtain on food preparation and gives you a chance, perhaps for the first time in your life, to see clearly what gives you the edge and which foods poison your body, mind, and soul. This book is terrific and long overdue.

Ingrid E. Newkirk, President, PETA
(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)